MF Heat Co. is a Delaware company that creates culinary focused fermented small batch hot sauce. What started as a passion project during the pandemic, MF Heat Co. quickly became a fan favorite among friends and family who were gifted sauce, and after months of begging Mike Frank made it legit in 2023.

Based out of Milton, Delaware MF Heat Co. cooks sauce out of the Sussex Kitchen Delaware, a food business incubator located in Southern Delaware. You can find MF and Tim slinging and selling sauce at farmers markets and excellent events across the state.

Mike Frank

He puts the MF in MF Heat Co. (what did you think it stood for?) Mike is not only our namesake, but an engineer turned chef who creates and cooks every single sauce we sell.

Taking every opportunity, Mike focuses our flavors on being culinary forward, having a dish or type of cuisine in mind for each sauce he cooks.

Tim Auman

Every great product needs someone to sell it, although Tim might claim a great sauce sells itself. When he's not behind a camera or pushing out social posts, you'll find Tim busy in the hot sauce kitchen with MF, chopping peppers and hand capping every single bottle of sauce.

Emily Frank

Companies don't survive without an admin that holds it all together. Emily Frank is admin and more. Filling out paper work is an understatement of her role, she keeps MF and Tim in line and gut checks them on their wildest ideas.

On top of being on top of everything, you can thank Emily for every porch drop off and delivery sent. If it wasn't for her, there'd be no sauce sent, period.